Topic outline

  • General information

    An EO4GEO workshop | October 26th 2021 at 17:00 PM CET

    Title: Earth Observation and Geographic Information: a crucial tool to monitor and tackle climate change.

    Organizers: EIT Climate-KIC and University of Patras

    Language: English

    Duration: 3 hours

    Brief description: The EO4GEO Partner EIT Climate-KIC in collaboration with EO4GEO invites you this October 26th at 17:00 CET to a Spark! Experience online workshop where you will learn more about the use and applications of satellite data in climate-change related challenges.


    • Master and PhD European students from various backgrounds (also non-technical) 
    • Young professionals 
    • Citizens 

    Learning outcomes:

    • understand what Earth observation and geographic information is,
    • how the data is collected, transformed, and used to solve different issues,
    • which are the main stakeholders from the sector,
    • what type of information is available and how to retrieve it.


    • Eduard Escalona, Market Development Innovation Officer, The European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA)
    • Andreas Kazantzidis, Professor, University of Patras
    • Diego Saez-Gil, Co-founder, Pachamas

  • Agenda

    Start: 17.00 CEST

    1. Check in and welcome – EIT Climate-KIC
    2. Introduction to the topic – EUSPA
    3. Case study: satellite data for renewable energy – University of Patras
    4. Case study: satellite data against deforestation – Pachama
    5. Q&A
    6. Challenge (presentation and group work)
    7. Open discussion on solutions
    8. Q&A
    9. Live poll
    10. Check out

    End: 20.00 CEST

  • Presentation

  • Record from webinar