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  • General information

    The webinar has the overall objective to promote the new opportunities offered by the Copernicus Programme in dealing with the Common Agriculture Policy. The EU Commission has indeed encouraged Member States for the use of Earth Observation (EO) technologies, especially for monitoring in a continuous way the correct payment of all declared areas for aid. This initiative arises in the context of the EO4GEO project Sector Skills Alliance and its tools concerning EO*GI. Participants will be also addressed on how to use EO*GI in the agricultural domain, exploiting the opportunity to access to free training data.

    An EO4GEO Webinar | April 28th 2021 at 10:00 AM

    Organizers: CNR-IREA and e-Geos, AIT, Epsilon Italia, Climate-KIC, ISPRA

    Language: English

  • Agenda

    1)       Presentation of the webinar content (5 min)  - Mario A. Gomarasca, CNR-IREA

    2)       EO4GEO in a nutshell (10 min)   - Giacomo Martirano, EPSIT

    3)       Poll #1

    4)       Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) background and concepts (40 min) -  Livio Rossi, *e-GEOS – AIT President

    Ø   What is the CAP and the relationship with the European farmers and citizens

    Ø  EO data/products for CAP controls and their evolution

    Ø  Copernicus data (Sentinel & Galileo) for the new continuous monitoring of the agro-environment

    Ø  Strengths/weaknesses, benefits and perspectives for the next EU agro-food scenario, necessarily sustainable

    5)       Poll #2                                                                                         

    6)       Question and Answer (20 min)

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