This is a webinar for city planners about Urban Heat Islands and the importance of their identification in a spatial planning context. The webinar introduces the EO surface temperature maps, with their potential and their limitations.

This webinar is developed within the Smart cities task in the EO4GEO project. The webinar addresses the issue of urban heat and urban heat islands, and more specifically how to use EO-derived surface temperature maps to identify areas prone to heat stress in the urban environment. It presents a theoretical background on urban heat and how to obtain information from satellite sensors.

Together with this, a real-world case is presented from the city of Stockholm, presenting the usage of surface temperature maps for the identification of temperature hot-spots within the city, along with spatial planning information.

Participants will learn more about EO, urban heat, surface temperature, mitigation of heat in a spatial planning context.

The webinar is mainly non-technical and targets planners on different levels in cities or municipalities, Climate adaption coordinators, GIS technicians, researchers, and ecologists.